Six on Saturday – July 14, 2018

Summer is in full force and the gardens are starting to show life. The heat-loving vegetables are struggling, but with the warmer temperatures, I hope that they will improve. Potatoes, carrots, herbs and onions are doing great. Dandelions, buttercups and other unwanted weeds are thriving.

My first attempt at growing potatoes.

Peas in a circular planter made from a hollowed piece of hardwood.

Rascal cooling off in the raised garden bed with the yellow beans.

Cucumbers are just starting to grow.

Plenty of bees and dandelions in the yard.

Buttercups have appeared everywhere in the last couple of weeks.

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Six on Saturday – June 9, 2018

There is not much plant life in the garden yet, but warblers and sparrows are a common sight in the backyard. They are hanging out around the garden, building nests and waiting to steal some seeds. These tiny birds arrive in spring and leave in the fall. They are smart enough to enjoy Canadian summers and escape our winters.  

black and white warbler

chestnut-sided warbler

Nashville warbler

yellow-rumped warbler

chipping sparrow

white-throated sparrow

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