Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect

Once again I find myself sitting in my tiny cubicle without any classes or tasks at hand.  Of course many people would love to sit in a cubicle all day and get paid to do nothing. An occasional day of laziness and idleness from time to time is a nice break from a busy work schedule, but extended periods of idleness can have adverse physical and psychological effects on a person. Life without work and goals makes one lazy. Today I am suffering from a slight bout of “idleness”. I simply have nothing to do – I am tired of surfing the web, reading books, watching YouTube videos, strolling around campus, and listening to colleagues complain about trivial matters. So, I will take a stab at today’s daily prompt. Placebo effect: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

I know very little about medicine, but I think a placebo effect is not an actual cure for any known disease. Instead it fools the mind into believing that an empty pill provides positive effects as a result of a person’s perception that it is a beneficial treatment. Thus, a placebo effect cannot be considered a cure for any serious ailment.

Now, getting back to my cubicle situation, I fear that continued isolation and idleness may deteriorate my mental health. Actually, this is not true. I am just writing for the sake of making my post a bit longer.

On a more serious note,  there are so many diseases in the world that are in need of a painless and inexpensive cure. It is difficult to pick just one to cure.  Yet, if I was given some mysterious power to create a cure for one ailment I would remove cancer from the planet. This terrible disease strikes people of all ages across the world. It knocks people down in their prime, often arrives without warning, weakens the old and wreaks havoc on the lives of so many people. No placebo effect can conquer cancer, but I pray that modern medicine will find a cure for this horrible disease in the near future.