DIY – Hanging Basket Support

In addition to the raised garden beds I decided to grow some vegetables in containers and flower baskets that I got for free at the garden center. I am not sure if the baskets will work for vegetables, but the only way to find out is to give it a try. So, I made a hanging basket support using recycled material in five easy steps. I gathered the material from the lumber scrap pile, otherwise it would have cost about $30 to build. The cement blocks do not match, so I will be on the lookout for a matching block. The center basket has cucumbers, the one on the left has tomatoes and the last one has hot peppers.



DIY Garden Scarecrow

The $3.50 scarecrow from the Dollarama I used in my garden boxes to keep the birds away from plants lasted all of one season. Although it was cute for the first few weeks it quickly faded as the strong, summer sun destroyed the cheap fabric and it disintegrated to an eyesore over the course of the season. Perhaps, they were intended to be used for a Halloween decoration and then quickly stored away until the following year and not destined for a season long bird decoy. Luckily, I had two of these inexpensive decorations, and I only put one in the garden. I kept the other in the basement, so that I could use it as a guide to make a scarecrow from old rags and recycled material.

I saved the head, body and straw from the old scarecrow to use for the recycled one. I made the pants, hat  and top from rags and cut the decorations on the pants from an old t-shirt. Then I used some leftover yarn to knit a scarf and crochet a belt. Although the straw is discolored from the sun, it is still strong enough for the limbs.

This summer I will put the recycled scarecrow  and the  Dollarama one in the garden boxes and then compare them at the end of the season to see which one stands up best.

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