Restart – Running and Cannabis Cultivation

When my employment insurance finished in October 2017, I applied for a 12-week cannabis cultivation training program at a community college and was devastated that I was not selected for the first government-sponsored course.   For a few days after this disappointment, I considered the possibility of “restarting” my job as a teacher when the union called me for a construction site job in my area.

I showed up on site with a hammer, measuring tape, and a carpenter’s belt to start work as a general laborer – doing site clean-up, chopping  and removing ice, snow shoveling, sanding, tarping concrete slabs, clearing ice and snow from buildings, etc. The job was really awful and my entire body ached by the time my shift was over. As a result of this demanding, physical work I could barely walk by the time I got home, so running and exercising for enjoyment were out of the question.

The positive news is that I was laid off last week. After a week of doing absolutely nothing I am ready to “restart” a running and exercise routine. Running helps me make sense of everything around me, and it allows me the time to think about gardening, writing, planning small projects, studying French, and keeping up with social engagements and business.

Lastly, I suspect that with a break of more than 3 months from running, I will be doing a lot of “starting” and “restarting” as I slowly rebuild endurance, strength and think about “restarting” the application process for the next cannabis cultivation class.

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Daily Prompt: Shelf

Today’s one-word prompt: shelf  was the motivation that I needed to assemble my mini-indoor green house that I purchased on the spur of the moment on Monday. It was reduced by 50% and at $34.99 it seemed like a good investment and a way to start seedlings indoors instead of buying them at the local market.

This will be a gren house in a few minutes.

This will be a green house in a few minutes.

After bringing it home I put it on a shelf in the garage to avoid clutter in the cabin. After all who needs more clutter? Then again what is the point of getting a greenhouse if I am not going to assemble and use it?

It only took about ten minutes to assemble the parts and it is much sturdier than I expected. The most difficult part is putting the plastic cover on because it needs to be snug and you have to be careful not to tear or damage it.

The seeds, soil, bedding trays and pots are on the shelves waiting the arrival of spring on the 19th, two days earlier than normal.  Then, I can start my seedlings and begin the countdown to summer.