I am happy to say goodbye to 2018 – a year in which I worked too much, leaving not enough time for relaxation and hobbies. Most planned projects didn’t get finished and in some cases not even started. I would have to say that the most disappointing thing in 2018 was my garden. It was unsuccessful, partly due to insufficient dedication on my part and poor climate conditions. On a positive note, my backyard welcomed several beautiful birds during the past year. 

Additionally, over the past few months, I have tried to learn to meditate by reading books, doing research, watching u-tube videos, and even attending a yoga/meditation class in the summer, but I have not managed to stay motivated long enough to stick to a meditation routine. Three weeks ago, I stumbled across a meditation guidebook while browsing the new acquisitions at the local library and signed it out. Just Sit by Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz is a fantastic book for anyone looking to explore meditation. It offers basic knowledge, useful techniques, and interesting illustrations to motivate people like me who know that meditation is beneficial but have no idea how to get started. Before returning the book, I summarized the activities and techniques to follow to develop a daily meditation routine.  According to the authors, it is important not to move on to the next week unless you have successfully completed seven days in a row. Here are the suggested tasks for the first four weeks. So far I have spent more time making the summary chart above than meditating.  I am still pondering meditation. However, thinking about meditation is not meditation. Thus, my goal for 2019 is to actually meditate.