Gardening 2017

After last year’s dismal garden I was hoping for an improved version this summer. I prepared some seedlings in early spring in my indoor greenhouse. Although the greenhouse was in front of a window on the south side of the house the plants struggled to absorb the sunshine and flourish. In the beginning they looked pretty good, but as spring lingered for weeks they looked withered by the time I was ready to place them in the garden. In the end, I trashed them and bought tomato seedlings from the garden center. This was my last attempt at starting seedlings indoors. The hassle and disappointment are not worth saving a few dollars. From now on I am going straight to the local garden center to pick up seedlings.  I converted the mini-greenhouse into a shoe closet in the basement. 

In addition, to my garden boxes I made a small cucumber patch by using some decorative fences that my neighbour was throwing out.

I also made a garden for beets, onions and string beans. This garden is proving very popular with my yard visitors – rabbits and groundhogs. These guys are feasting on the beets and beans.

I guess they don’t like onions.  I took preventive measures to keep them out of the raised garden. I used chicken coup and bamboo stakes to make a barrier. This is a temporary fix for now. I plan on making a fence around the raised boxes, but this may not happen this summer.

My herb garden is doing great. All of the herbs resurfaced in late spring with the exception of the rosemary plant. Of course, this is my favorite, but it is not hardy enough to survive an eastern Canadian winter. It acts as an annual in our area, so I got some at the garden center. 



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