Change can happen

Life in my cubicle is not exactly exciting of late, but I am quite happy about the positive changes happening in my homeland. A few short weeks ago the Progressive Conservatives with Jim Prentice as premier confidently called an early election with 70 of Alberta’s 87 seats in the provincial government. However, they didn’t realize that Albertans were fed up with ten years of incompetent government that put their party and their business partners’ interests ahead of the people. So, when New Democratic Party leader Rachel Notley stepped up to the plate and offered a viable option to a party that came to symbolize arrogance, corruption, cronyism and fiscal mismanagement the citizens sent Jim Prentice and his team to the curb.

Worst PM

If change can happen in Alberta, once a bastion of Conservative support, then it is safe to say that change can happen elsewhere. Soon change will sweep the entire nation in October 2015 when Canadians, tired of conservative propaganda, negative attacks on our values, corruption, government ineptitude and irresponsible fiscal management send Stephen Harper and his Conservative government into the history books.


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