Letter to Temporary Foreign Workers

The number of TFWs (Temporary Foreign Workers) set to leave Canada is unclear but many TFWs interviewed in recent media reports clearly stated their intention to stay illegally in Canada if their work permits are not extended or they are not granted permanent resident status. As a Canadian TFW in the Middle East I would never dream of pulling such a stunt. When my work permit expires in a few months I will return to my country and look for a job. Of course, the risks of disobeying the law in this part of the world may have more serious consequences than in a lenient country like Canada. No matter how bad things are in Canada I must face unemployment and begin the battle of competing with TFWs to find a job to cover my daily living expenses.

A few months ago, I sent a letter to Jason Kenney, former Minister of Employment and Social Development,  in the Canadian government expressing my feelings about the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program). Most likely, he did not read it, but I don’t mind because he was a busy man trying to maintain an out-of-control program that ensures an endless supply of cheap labor for large companies. Now, this letter is for TFWs who are about to leave Canada and return to their homelands.

Dear Temporary Foreign Workers,

As a Canadian, it is easy to understand why you want to stay in this wonderful country; it offers exquisite beauty from coast to coast, it has exceptionally compassionate, kind and welcoming citizens, it provides a peaceful and safe environment with ample opportunities to prosper. However, as a temporary foreign worker (TFW) you must understand that you are not permitted to stay forever. Canada welcomed and gave you an incredible chance to experience this country, save for your future, and improve the quality of life for your family in your homeland.

Canada is confronting a serious economic downturn and your services are no longer required. There are thousands of unemployed youth, native Canadians, young college and university graduates, older Canadians and seniors ready and eager to accept unskilled work in the retail and fast food industries in order to make ends meet and support their families.

It is important to understand that Canadians appreciate the huge sacrifices you made in temporarily leaving your country to help Canada. Your hard work and dedication ensured greater profits for large corporations and allowed you to make vast improvements to your living standards in your homeland. Thanks to large companies supporting the TFWP, by taking advantage of this government subsidy instead of increasing wages and benefits to entice Canadians, the standard of living for the working poor across this country has drastically declined in the last decade.

The Canadian government is easily mislead and fooled by business leaders wanting to expand the TFWP and claiming that Canadians are uneducated, lazy, unwilling to relocate to areas with jobs and reluctant to accept menial labor. This is a myth promoted by businesses to keep more money in their pockets. Big corporations do not care about Canadians or TFWs, but they are extremely eager to exploit TFWs in the name of corporate greed and at the expense of ordinary working Canadians.

Although leaving Canada may appear as an injustice in your eyes, staying in Canada is very inconsiderate and disrespectful towards the country that temporarily gave you an amazing opportunity to improve your lot in life. Additionally, it is extremely unfair on your part to expect to be allowed to remain when there are so many Canadians desperately looking for work. So, please respect Canada and the temporary contracts you signed and return to your homeland.

Sincerely Yours,

Unemployed Canadian


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