Winter Garden in Nizwa – Update

My garden experience in Nizwa has been dismal. Basically it did not grow. I will blame this on the soil and hot weather rather than on my gardening skills. The cucumbers did not germinate. The lettuce started to grow but it wilted away and died before I had a chance to get a photo. The tomatoes grew a little but produced very few fruits. Here are a few photos as they progressed over the winter months.

The watermelon patch started off well enough, but it suddenly died for no apparent reason – perhaps some exotic fungus attached the plants.


The garden did not grow but my little stray cat is getting bigger and bigger. She never seems to stop meowing even when I give her food. Sometimes she disappears for a day or two and I miss her dearly.


4 thoughts on “Winter Garden in Nizwa – Update

  1. Don’t be discouraged! Gardening is a learning experience. If you don’t first succeed try, try again. It took me 3 years to get a decent tomatoe crop. 2 years have success with bell peppers and celery… You might need to improve your soil with compost dirt, manure, and extra soil. We use wood ash and bone meal as well. Salad doesn’t do well in high temperatures unless in semi shade.Good luck

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