Al Baleed Archaeological Site

Last October after visiting the Dhofar region of Oman  I got sidetracked with life in my cubicle, office duties and some unexpected events that pulled me away from this cubicle and blog. Now, things are getting back to normal and today I have some free time in my cubicle to reminisce about my trip.

After a couple of hectic day of sightseeing and visiting Marneef Cave, Mughsayl Beach and Al-Shaat Sinkhole we decided to stay in Salalah to visit the Al-Beleed area, do some shopping and enjoy a day relaxing without anything major on the agenda. We spent the morning visiting the park and frankincense museum.

The history of Al-Baleed goes back to pre-Islamic times. It was an important settlement during the late Iron Age (2000 B.C.) and it became a prosperous city during the Islamic era. Today Al-Baleed serves as a quiet and peaceful park to relax and watch birds. This is what we did for about an hour or so before heading to the shopping mall to escape the hot and humid weather.

The Al-Baleed Archaeological Site (The Land of Frankincense)  is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



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