Marneef Cave, Mughsayl Beach and Al-Shaat Sinkhole

Finally, some free time in my cubicle to reflect on my trip to Salalah. After the little fender bender and exhausting drive from Nizwa to Salalah on the first day I woke up much later than usual, had breakfast and got ready for a day of sightseeing in Salalah. Our first destination was Al-Marneef Cave, located about 45 kilometers away at Al-Mughsayl Beach. It took a little over an hour to get there and by noon the temperature was unbearably hot. It is supposed to be cooler in this part of Oman but the temperature approached  40°C (104°F) by noon. With the humidity it seemed even hotter.

The cave is not that interesting but the surrounding area offered some gorgeous scenes. The blowhole at Al-Mughsayl Beach is an awesome attraction for youngsters. Although it was hot I didn’t feel inclined to stand over the hole and get sprayed with smelly sea water.

The visitor’s center across the street from the cave was closed. It appeared abandoned until next Khareef (main tourist season that takes place in July and August). Then we discovered a small shop selling tea nearby and we decided to stop and have our packed lunches away from the crowds and the heat of the midday sun.

In the afternoon, we visited the sinkhole located in Al-Shaat, another 50 kilometers of winding roads though the Dhofar Mountains.

The sinkhole itself was not that exciting but the journey to it offered some spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.

I had better end this post here and get back to my job in my cubicle.


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