Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

This afternoon the temperature edged past 50° C (122° F) and many students decided it was too hot to study.  When I arrived in the classroom it was empty – only desks scattered about with empty water bottles on the floor and not a student in sight. So, I sat at the desk and took a few photos of a classroom without students for this week’s photo challenge.

The teacher’s desk is situated in the middle of the class and it acts as a barrier to separate the students. After years of studying in boys and girls schools most students feel at ease when they are separated in the classroom.

The classroom was so quiet that I decided to stay and watch some videos on my tablet instead of returning to my cubicle. As I was getting comfortable for the afternoon three boys from another group showed up and chatted for a few minutes.  They complained about the heat, saying it was absolutely awful that students should be expected to attend class when it is so hot.

They were also curious as to why I was alone in the classroom and taking photos.  When I told them the photos were  for my blog they suggested I take their photos as examples of serious and dedicated students who are willing to work hard no matter what the weather conditions.

Students working hard in writing class!

Students working hard in writing class!


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