Weekly Writing Challenge: Making Lists

Today is a religious holiday in Oman, an unscheduled day away from my cubicle, a chance to sit at home and plan my summer vacation that starts in a little over seven weeks. It goes without saying that I can hardly wait to get on the plane that will take me back to my homeland.

Summer Vacation “To-Do” List

1) Build a tumbling composter using recycled material that I have scattered around my garage and free stuff from the  local junk yard. (I may have to purchase a used barrel if I can’t find one for free.)

2) Complete “mini-gym” (siding, electrical wiring, flooring, painting) and build step.

3) Use leftover cedar boards from “mini-gym” project to build a decorative, raised flower box for the front yard.

4) Buy equipment and necessary ingredients and then make a year’s supply of soap.

5) Visit local yard sales and second-hand stores to purchase some “new-to-me” clothes to bring back for work.

6) Help stain my brother’s log cabin.

7) Help my brother to install new windows and siding on my mother’s house.

8) Buy a dehydrating machine for fruits and berries and then pick enough blueberries for the winter.

9) Expand rock garden and rhubarb patch.

10) Do normal summer chores (gardening, tree-trimming, mowing, cutting, splitting and piling firewood, etc.)

By the time I reached ten items on my list it became clear that this year’s summer vacation could easily be considered a working vacation!

To learn more about “Making Lists” or to participate in the Weekly Writing Challenge head over to the “Daily Post“.


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