Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy

What’ your most prized possession? 

Like most people I have too many possessions. When I look around my home I see tons of items that clutter the shelves, bookcases, and walls. Why do I keep all of these things? Many have emotional attachments and fond memories such as photos, passports, childhood toys or the antique sideboard that belonged to my grandmother that is now part of my home. Others are just material things that have little or no meaning but yet I hang on to them. I find it difficult to throw out things, believing that everything will have a use, at some point in the future.

With so many possessions it is difficult to pick one that is my most prized possession – the one that means the most to me. For the moment, it seems impossible. However, amongst my material things, I have an expensive “piece of paper” – my university degree which I consider as one of my most valuable possessions.

Although I have no emotional attachment to this “piece of paper” it cost me a lot of time and money. After I showed it to my parents I put it in a small fire-proof box on the dresser in my bedroom and it has stayed there in the same place for over twenty-five years. I have a scanned copy and a notarized copy of this paper that I have used on a few occasions to secure work visas for different countries. So, I guess this expensive “piece of paper” was a good investment because without it I would not be able to  post “reflections from my cubicle” in Oman.


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