My interpretation of the this week’s photo challenge at the Daily Post.

Last summer I paid a couple of hundred dollars for an abandoned building. This might sound a bit crazy but I intend to renovate this unsightly building and use it as a mini-gym. Of course, my family and friends are skeptical and can’t quite understand how I could have such an eyesore delivered to my yard. However, I checked to make sure it was structurally sound and I am confident that with hard work, some small repairs, windows, and a new door and a bit of tender loving care I will have a mini-gym for less than a thousand dollars.

The first step was to clean out all of the abandoned cardboard, garbage and steel beds and then take all of this stuff to the recycling depot in town. After that I moved the building from the front of my yard to the back and set it up on blocks and began the process of renovating.

I want my training room to be bright so, I made the side window bigger and added two more windows, one in the front and another one on the side. I used windows that were gathering dust in my garage. Then I asked my brother to help me hang a new door. After this I covered the building with wrap and ordered siding to match the color of my house and garage. Luckily, it has good insulation so I didn’t need to spend any money on this. By the time the siding arrived it was too cold to put it on so, I stored it inside the building for the winter to keep it safe from the elements. And then I abandoned my building for the winter.

Summer project 2014 – finish the siding, redo the electrical wiring, cover the floor with laminate, paint the inside, and decorate my abandoned building.