Day 18: Zero to Hero

zero-to-heroI started with great plans for Zero to Hero. I intended to blog something every day and stay on top of the challenge. Somewhere along the way I lost motivation. Some of the tasks I already knew how to do and a few of them were simply not my cup of tea. For example, on day 18 we were asked to link our blogs to social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Social networks have their place in the virtual world and so do blogs. Many people enjoy interacting on both platforms. Although I have a Facebook account I rarely sign in to see what my friends are up to and unless I have something substantial to share I don’t see the point of posting about my every move. Who cares if I had spaghetti for supper?

Another reason, I avoid using Facebook is due to the endless updates about nothing that many users post. I don’t have enough time to read comments about someone’s latest attempt to make chocolate chip cookies. I wonder how other people find the time with family, work, chores and other obligations.

Social networks are places online where the users generally know one another personally whereas blogging opens up communication with outsiders. I prefer my writing to be viewed by strangers who might be attracted to my words because they genuinely like what I write and not because they are my friends and feel obligated to take a look because I posted a link on a social network.

Linking to social networks might improve blog statistics but this strategy is out of the question for this want-to-be writer.

If you want to get involved in this blogging challenge head over to Zero to Hero: 30 days to a Better  Blog.


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